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Friday, April 24, 2009

Make-up and people

I receive two freebies today from cris. A NARS mascara and a Rouge Allure Chanel lipstick valued at US$ 23 and 30 respectively.

The NARS mascara lengthens lashes with rich, dense color which supposedly accentuates the eye. It is Fiber free, non-irritating,and Synthetic fragrance free.
The Rouge Allure lipstick is an intensely pigmented lipstick with a satiny effect. The lipstick is beautiffully presented in a black lacquered case. You have to press the bottom for the lipstick to open.

I have never found the need to wear a mascara. Modesty aside, I am gifted with naturally long and thick lashes. Also, when i tried wearing eye-make up, i end up with teary and itchy eyes so there must be an allergic reaction. When i tried the mascara today, everything seemed okay. I'll have to observe it for a few more days. Not that i will be wearing eye-make up everyday now.
The lipstick, is a bit too glittery for my taste but perfect for going out at night. Not that, i go out at night, well except with him and the kids. So now, i have a day lipstick, loreal's moisture extreme brick rose and a night lipstick, chanel's rouge allure.

Let me tell you about the girl who gave me the loot. She's a very unassuming,shy young lady. Quiet, for the most of the time but i think she becomes talkative in the company of close friends. She's tall and model-thin and posseses the natural skin-toned of a typical filipina. She has a charming smile. More than the physical, she is a beautiful person. Before my working at the office, she was the only rose among the thorns. The work atmoshere is a very informal one. Teasing is a natural past-time and more often than not she get's her share more than most because she's the only girl. But she just takes it all gracefully. If she's hurt or offended or if she's on her off mood, she just kept silent. She's always courteous. But then, everybody else in the office is courteous. Bossess will always be bosses. Sometimes, you love them, sometimes you hate them. It's a fact of life. But here,the scale is tipped in favor of affection and certainly a lot of respect for the "gods".

Make-ups are supposed to cover one's imperfections and or enhance one's striking attributes. I thank cris for giving me some to cover my obvious physical imperfections. And i thank my officemates here for free lunches and snacks and a happy, comfortable workplace.They are certainly a generous bunch...I couldn't ask for more.

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