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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Price Margarito has to Pay..

To those of us watching, Margarito's face just seemed like a bloated piece of facial muscle. But to those who understand muscle injury, that was actually equivalent to being in a car crash with your face colliding to a hard object with so much force.  I'm not a trauma expert but i did see my mother's face becoming like that(actually much worse), when we had that car accident back in 2006.

For those of us who watched the fight between Manny Pacquiao and Margarito for the World Boxing Council's Super Welterweight Crown, the image of Margarito's heavily battered face will come to mind as the greatest testament to Pacman's power.  It seems that Margarito was proud to have lasted all 12 rounds and indeed it is something to be proud of to have withstand Manny's punches but that it came with a heavy price.

Antonio Margarito is set to undergo an operation to repair his fractured eye socket.  Check this link for more details.

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