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Monday, November 29, 2010

House hunting...

The husband has finally realized what i have been saying before, it is much better to get our own place rather than rent out since in the end, the amortization is actually capitalizable while rent expense is not.  It's not as easy as buying a car though since our apartment is really in the center of everything and I really like our place and the community and as i said it's near to mine and husband's work, it's near the kid's school, churches, etc. It is really difficult to give up a place like that but now that he has seen the light after almost two years of living in our apartment, we might really be moving into our own place(if we can find one  that suits our budget and preference).

We went house hunting in BF Resort in Las Pinas, Marikina heights, DMCI's Mahogany residences in Taguig as well as in San Juan.  If i win the grand lotto, I will chose the one in San Juan but  the husband is partial to the one in Taguig. Realistically speaking, I am gonna browse on the foreclosed properties muna.  I always admire the husband's resolve, he did not make a face when the prices where mentioned.  I should perhaps just follow his example and believe that we can.  In the meantime, goodluck to us.  And because, I do believe in God's providence than in simple luck, I already prayed about it so it has a greater chance of being granted. It's the optimist prime in me(term borrowed from Chico Garcia)...

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