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Monday, November 22, 2010

Buy Nothing on November 27...

Last Saturday, I was literally exhausted.  What with my Netbook going toast, a friend in Houston needing help with his roaming services(It didn't help that Smart Customer Service takes an average of 30 minutes before being entertained!), and I promised the kids to go swimming at the Condo.(which i was able to do , thank God!)  I went to Greenhills to have my Neo repaired thinking it only involved a re-installation of OS or at the most re-formatting. Alas, after two hours of waiting and having bought Globe Tattoo, my anticipation turned into a big disappointment. The harddrive needed to be replaced but I didn't believe the tech so i went to the Neo service center aalong shaw only to be told the same thing.

I was actually tempted to buy an IPAD due to the Zero percent payment scheme.  It's a good thing, sanity prevailed.  Heck, I succumbed to a little madness, i bought summer dresses for the little kids, a dress that i thought will fit me and the Globe Tattoo which will remain unused in the coming days.  Or just until, I'll be able to buy that mobile hard disk for my Neo which i left at the Service Center along Shaw.  I suspect, I'll already be able to test my Tattoo this week since I already reserved a hard disk at R Sun Computers.  They actually have a good website for online shopping and much more cheaper than the shops found at SM Megamall. Oh, and earlier that weekend mornings,  i woke earlier than usual to go traipsing to Kalentong Market for fresh produce.  Normally, buying something is therapeutic for me but at the rate I am going these days, I seem to be spending much more than I am earning. So I guess, I'm gonna follow Tea with Dee's example and observe the "Buy Nothing for a Day".

Here, maybe I can also influence you to do the same thing.

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