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Monday, November 8, 2010

Health is wealth

Yesterday, I was so stressed-out because of something involving a family member. Infact, it started saturday evening and although i have managed not to think about it overnight, i must have carried it in my subconscious thus affecting my health in a bad way.  I say bad because early sunday afternoon, i had labored breathing and i felt tired.  It had been a long time since i felt like that like maybe 2007,2008 when i was diagnosed that i had mitral valve prolapse.  It was a scary time in my life since i really thought that i am close to dying and leaving my kids mommy-less.  It would be mightly unusual for a month for me without a visit to my cardiologist.  I remember also that i had daily monitoring of my blood pressure and heart rate.  I was so stressed with my condition in fact that i had hormonal imbalance and headaches from one of the medicines i was prescribed with.

And i felt it again. And somehow, faced with that kind of situation i realized that the things i wanted recently no longer mattered as much as my concern to be fully healthy now.  It brings to mind my resolve not to be overwhelm by stressors left and right.  I have to re-adjust my perspective again, to value health and to take steps to live a healthier mind and body. 

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