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Monday, November 15, 2010

If i win the 450M grand lotto...

They say money does not solve everything. True, but money can solve some things.  When you have lots of money, people will think twice, no, make it several times to give you crap.  You can help meaningfully, not just emphatize but really do something.  Lots of instant millionaires from winning become poor again 2 years after their win.  I don't want to go through the anatomy of why.  Here, I just wanna lay out my plans when lady luck gives it to me.  Here's what i will do if i am the lucky winner:

1.   I'll give 10M each to my 2 sisters, my parents and aunt.
2.   I'll give a million each to in-laws, and set-up a trust fund for all my nephews and nieces whether by blood or marriage.
3.   I'll set-up a trustfund of 25M each to my three daughters
4.   I'll buy a townhouse in San Juan/ Mandaluyong
5.   I'll build an apartment complex in Iligan.
6.   I'll buy a several hectares of land in Zamboanga Sibugay for rubber plantation
7.   I'll sponsor a church who will give feeding and sheltering programs for the poor for 5 years.  Hopefully, by then the church and the community will be able to find a way to continue it on the basis of what they have learned by the initial project.
8.   I'll support a foundation for battered women who will be taught to be self-sufficient, confident and financially independent by providing them with know-how and capital.
9.   I will start buying and selling real estate.
10. I will go on a bonding trip with the husband and the kids, my parents, aunt and my in-laws to Europe.
11.  I will open a Petron Bulilit station in Lila , Bohol.
12.  I'll get a list of relatives whose sons and daughters have difficulty going school and sponsor a scholarship for each of them.
13.I'll buy a brand new honda crv for me and the children to use.
14.  I will sponsor the seminar and trainings of a 100 marine personnel who wants to work as a seafarer regardless of sex and inclination.
15.  I will sponsor the renovation of the church in Lila.
16.  And when the husband wants it, i'll buy him his new dream SUV whether he deserves it or not.
17.  I'll make a friend debt-free and give her fresh funds to start on a new life without depending on her married friend.
18.  I will round-up the children selling plastics at Iligan Supermarket, dress them, send them to school.
19.  I will give a million each to Bro Bo Sanchez' charities.
20.  I will buy the apartment we are living now for a premium just so we will continue to live there.

So wish me luck and include prayers because when and if God favors my plea , I will surely do these things.  And I mean them.

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