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Friday, November 5, 2010

New Gadgets on my Wishlist

2010 is coming to an end yet there is no end to the bevy of gadgets being offered to us consumers.  I'm sure there are lots out there that are equally fantastic but as i am fiscally-challenged right now(optimistic that I am going to be filthy rich in the future!) I only have 3 toys on my want-list as opposed to my must-haves.  Since i'm not techie, i won't go into the specs but rather only mention why i am chosing this particular gadget.

1.  Samsung Galaxy S

My existing phone is a Samsung S7330 and so far I am most satisfied with it not to mention that it has withstood countless falls, and playtimes from my 6 and 4 year olds. Plus, since I already have an iTouch and there are several glitches being reported on the new iPhone, I'd rather want to try the new Samsung Galaxy S whose technology is said to be comparable if not surpasses that of the iPhone.

2.  Xbox360 Kinect

I am not really a serious gamer, not even  a gamer(but i could try badminton and tennis and marathon?). But, I do love the fact that the Xbox 360 Kinect can be used as my exercise machine without getting all tangled up in wires.  Yep, it's totally under your control meaning it responds your body and even your voice. Yep, no other controller required. How cool is that huh?

3.  MacBook Air

If only for it's sheer beauty, I'm gonna love having this one although reviews said it doesn't really have anything new to boast inside.  I guess if you are this beautiful, i could overlook what it lacks in computing power huh? Morag kanang ganahan sa ubang lalaki ba bahalag wala kaayo sulod and ulo basta ba gwapa ug sexy. What? Dili man ko power user so ok lang.

What about you?

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