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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Honing an Entrepreneurial Spirit

If you have been an employee for so long and you suddenly find yourself out-of-work because of the economy downturns, you will suddenly be weighing your options, like what i am doing now.  I still have work by the way and my company still exists but financial results somehow foretell what will eventually happen. Been considering lot of things lately and foremost in my mind is to be a work-at-home-mom and an entrepreneur.  But however, much i think about it, i haven't had the experience nor the inclination to be one, to be an entrepreneur that is.  There's this business endeavor that's showing me a good plan to achieve financial success by having an automated income opportunity but somehow the capital outlay makes me hesitates.  It excites me at the same time though.  Venturing outside my comfort zone and achieving monetary success of that propertion somehow titillates me to the point that i even dream about it at night.  And yet when daylight comes, i return again to my indecision.

However, upon seeing the demographics common to entrepreneurs as found in the Daily Infographic website, I am a little bit embolden.  Everything seems to point to that way, and so i am sticking my feet into the entrepreneurial water, ug bahala na si batman.  Here's the infographic(courtesy of the dailyinfographic website)..

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