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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Apartment Hunting

It's so difficult finding a place to live especially so in a big city. There are several things i need to consider foremost of which is the rent and location. Rent is primarily dependent on one's capacity to earn money. A prime location means that rent is on the higher end. A prime location would mean good neighborhood, good access to commercial, recreation center, ease of transport, schools,churches.

A house with grounds would be best if located in manila but even if it's in neighboring suburbs, you would have to have a car to be able to move around which entails another expense. A condominium offers the security and ease of access. But then again, affordability is the issue. If it were not, I would love to own a piece of The St. Francis Shang-rila Place

It is so in the city, it's near shangrila's rustans, sm megamall, st. francis church,mrt shaw station,edsa central market,and it's along shaw and st francis st. My ideal place to be living in. Perhaps if i should win the lotto, i will buy a 3-bedroom unit.1 bedroom is for me and hubby, the other bedroom is for my kids and the other still to my househelps. Problem is, it's like aiming for the moon and i don't even buy lotto tickets much less shop at shang-rila. I do like doing my groceries at rustan's but i doubt that's part of the promo. They have this on-going promo where they are giving away a unit if you will shop at shangrila and you're name is chosen. I guess it's goinf to stay a dream.

I should get back to reality.

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