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Friday, June 19, 2009

Paid-to-click sites...

If you're struggling like me to earn money online, I'm sure that at one time or another you have encountered PTC sites or Paid-to-click sites. These are websites that tells you they will pay you so much if you go and surf their ads, click the sites usually after observing around 30 seconds.Payment per click ranges from .025 to .07 at least those that i have found and tried.
There is this site that i have been laboriously clicking for the past month .

What draw me to their site is that they are offering .07 per click and $77 bonus upon registration plus they said instant cash out. Well, it's not true because as of yesterday i accumulated around $1,000+ and i wanted to cash it out but i can't because they want me to register for referrals which will require that i pay them money. I decided to just delete my account. So there, I rid myself of junk email and a useless PTC site. Well, not actually useless because they promised a pay-out ofa minimum $10,000 US for free members. I guess, I'll just have to find other online ways to make money.

Anyway, I still have three more PTC sites to try on. Actually, it's an old account(Performance Bux) but i haven't been logging in because it just seems so much effort to go to their website and surf on their ads. However, if i have proven that indeed anybody can cash out their earnings without paying additional, i wouldn't hesitate to blurt it out here. So there...

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