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Friday, June 19, 2009

Quick then, Not so quick now..

I went to mr. quickie mega mall yesterday to have some keys duplicated. It's located on the lower ground of SM B. It was about past 12noon already so the sales attendant told me that i have to wait a bit more because their staff was still having their lunch. No problem with that, i still have to go to Banco de Oro anyway to pay some bills. The nearest banco de oro at smb lower ground did not accept bills payment and i was told by the guard to go to sma upper ground near National bookstore . So i went there, filled up some forms but decided i wont anymore because the line was too long and i had very important things to do back at the office. When I got back to Mr. quickie, the guy was still halfway duplicating so again i went out and did some grocery shopping.

Finally for the third time when i went back to mr. quickie the keys were ready but i still have to wait some more even though there were three attendants on the counter. The other one was entertaining the customer, i don't know what the other two was doing. In fairness, when i was already entertained by one of the attendant, the other also approached me and asked me.

Anyway, i just thought that it would be quick at mr. quickie. The other time that I went there to have another key duplicated, it was really quick. I think the employees where really just doing good work but it probably would help if the customers has an idea how quick a single transaction would be. Exactly how many minutes would it take to duplicate a key? or to resole a shoe? I think they should post their standards, just so to quantify improvements.

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