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Thursday, June 18, 2009


We are officially starting our life here in the big city. Although it's been a week since coming from bohol, We still stayed at citiland shaw tower for the past two months. It's only just this friday, independence day that we've really transferred to our new home. Fitting, isn't it that we timed our moving in and moving out on independence day. It's not for anything symbolic. It's practical because there's no work on that day. This is our bare living room. Notice that the hallway to the kitchen has natural lighting, I like that. The metal shelf we bought from Robert who really took the effort to find a place for us. This one though is found by hubby. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a laundry area and kitchen. The master's bedroom has a door towards a balcony looking over the main street.
Today, We were so busy buying stuff for the new home. Most of the furnitures we bought along shops at pedro gil in paco. They deliver the items and compared to malls, we got all those things at a bargain.He had three of his friends come along to help us. We had dinner last night at Aristocrat in malate. By the way, i absolutely love their strawberry shake. This morning, we had brunch at Max's still in malate along with Leo, a cadet as his office to help us get the remaining things at his boarding house in sta. ana. It's really true about Max's chicken, theirs are simply the best. I found a new max offering, the mongo with sardines, i liked it except that i found it too salty. The picture below is the kitchen leading towards the laundry area. Water is no problem yet and so far flooding does not seem to be a problem because the house is situated on a high area.
Anyway, this is one of those times i like being married. Having someone to lean on to especially in those times where men are most comfortable doing manly things around the house, like getting the men to help move stuff, setting up the aircon, providing the finances...hehehe.

This is our kitchen which i also love. I intend to spend much of my home time here learning how to cook. Hopefully, time will come when hubby will also learn to sit still at home. By the way, he already cooked his first meal here. Really, i like these family moments when all the four of us are together. Below is the master's bedroom with abby's feet showing. The dresser that you see is also from paco.

And we're working things need to sweat the small things.

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