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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Proactivity starts today

I'm not sure what made me do it. I was busy working but was also getting sleepy. I have eaten 2 krispy kreme doughnuts, ughh... When i went down to sit infront of my nettop, i just felt like googling "expanding circle of influence". I clicked on the link to a very simple explanation of the phrase.

Expanding your Circle of Influence
Making and Keeping Commitments

Reading the above article, I realized i have been too complaining about him. Even if i have reason to, i should have been more proactive. Indeed, I should concentrate on the things i have control over not on the things i don't. I should always be conscious of my responses. Yes, I guess i'm gonna try on shrinking my circle of concern and try expanding my circle of influence. Yes, I'm going to do that , by God's Grace, starting now on the things and situations given to me. And I guess, my recent decision to relocate here in the big city despite of the uncertainty , is in a way being proactive. I am veering away from my comfort zone and doing the things i have been afraid of for sometime. I know there are no guarantees. And just by deciding on this particular path , i have set major things in motion. Fear is present, but it's better than being paralyzed by inaction.

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