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Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Citiland-Shaw Tower has been a home for me in the many occasions that i have been here in manila. My stays were always short about a week or so. This summer has been the longest because i rented a fully-furnished studio-type unit for two months. The monthly rent is 14k exclusive of association dues, water and electricity. Water is about P800 while electricity is about P4,000. We cook our food and wash our clothes except for the heavy stuff which we bring to the laundry service at the ground floor.

I usually buy fish at Edsa Central Wet Market. I do my groceries at SM Megamall or at Shangrila's Rustans. Everything is just walking distance, my office, the malls, St. Francis Church is just across the street.

The only thing about studio type is the lack of privacy. But hey, if you want to leave within your means and still live comfortably, i'll take the studio type anytime.

The unit is owned by Marivic. She owns at least 3 other units which i know of. She is also one beautiful and classy lady,a bit bitchy probably but i think deep down she's also kind. I want to be like her when i grow up. ha ha

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