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Friday, May 15, 2009

Life in the city

Now, i know how expensive it is to leave in a big city. I found a low-rise condo to my taste but the 2-bedroom is just too expensive, it would mean a negative income of 5k per month which would have been my savings if i chose to continue living in Iligan. There's a studio type which would have been just right for my income without extra for savings. There's also a two-bedroom which i like except that i'm having second thoughts about the community.

The ideal situation for me would have been to have a little left set aside as savings.

I thank God for giving me friends who are helping me and at the same time, teaching me to be a a little bit stronger. Really, i guess when you don't have your family with you, good friends are good substitute.Normally, your other-half would have been your partner through thick and thin but in his absence...

I like my job and the people i work with. If only, the salary is enough for us to live comfortably as we do in the province. I don't want to seek other employment in place of my current one. If only, i can have a job on the side...

I've been searching on-line. Paid-to-click sites are ok but unless you have lots of referrals, it doesn't amount to much. I am looking into writing content for websites or research jobs but until they finally give me the job, i'll keep on searching.

Your wondering why i'm talking like i'm a single mom. I feel like i'm a single mom...All the responsibilities of parenthood on my shoulder. I guess it is always good to be self-sufficient financially and all. And God is helping me so...

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