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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Between consenting adults

Since katrina Halili started out in startruck, i've been her fan already. She has such a lovely face. When Hayden joined celebrity duet, I was also a fan. After the sex video, I still like katrina halili. After all, sex is a normal part of life between two consenting adults. If taking a video, while performing the act makes it more enjoyable to the couple why not? MArried couples does it. Making a sex video is not necessarily evil. It's just an aid, a tool to enhance sexual fulfillment.
But if i am somebody close to Katrina, I would have told her that sleeping with somebody else's boyfriend is disrespectful of another woman. And to think that, she was a Belo endorser. It seemed like stabbing the person in the back, and that person is the one giving you food to eat.So how could she have done it? Or for that matter, how could another woman sleep with another woman's man? It's a question as old as sex itself.
If we are just animals who are ruled by our sexual urges, then having sex with anybody who attracts us is just fine. But we are not, we have brains which allows us to think if what we are doing is right or wrong , and chose accordingly. We need to develop healthy respect for each other. And we can only do that if the society we are reared in promotes the family and moral values respectful of each other's rights and feelings.

Vicky belo is better off without hayden kho. Hayden should have been more careful with the videos. If his license gets suspended because of it, he deserves to learn some lessons from it. He shouldn't get away just because he will make a public apology.
As for senator Bong Revilla, oh please, how can you lecture about respect for women? Ughh..

As a wife, i have only disppointment for katrina and disgust for hayden.
As a mother, i have only compassion for her and tell katrina that all these things will pass, and she will survive it.

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