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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

What to choose..

So we've already transferred to our new home despite the fact that renovations are still on-going. Most of the people in our household is afflicted with cough more so the children because of the dust.  But we needed to do it so we can save on the monthly 15k rental and use it on other expenses.

So anyway, we used to subscribe to destiny cable but i decided to try skycable's Plan 280.
But since I wasn't there when the tech guys installed the cable, they put it in the sala where it should have been in our bedroom.  Now, the husband is not happy because he can't watch tv inside the bedroom,  If he wanted to watch, he will have to make do with saved movies on the media player.  I called up skycable about it but they suggested that i call when I am already beside the tv set.

Next on my menu is the landline and internet.  I am ambivalent about this considering I already have a prepaid landline and internet account.  Anyway, in case I'm gonna get one I'm torn between the plan 999 of PLDT which already includes a landline, unlimited dsl internet at 386 kpbs and watchpad against SKYCABLE's unlimited internet plus cable subscription.  Good thing, i thought of calling up skybroadband and they told me that they still have no service at my home address. So it just made my choice much simpler: to applied to a postpaid landline and internet connection or not. Since it is not urgent at the moment, I just might have to wait and see a little longer.

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