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Monday, March 28, 2011

Makati Fire Station
Went last friday afternoon to Comelec office at the 2nd floor of the Makati Fire Station building for the purpose of getting a voter's id as a requirement for the Yellow Card now that we are already residents.  I was surprised( not pleasantly!) that the offices on the second floor of the Fire Station building are shabby, especially the Comelec office.  In my mind, i didn't think there are still government offices  like that which is a far cry from the offices at Makati City Hall.  At the very least, they could have made the place well lighted, repaired the comfort rooms and somehow made the place a little bit welcoming.  In fairness, the employees immediately entertained me even though my reason for going there was not granted. By the way, why do the comelec has to wait for May to register new voters? It seemed like an antiquated practice.

But i digress, once again.  Mayor Junjun, at least make the comfort rooms clean, doors repaired, visitor friendly. Not like this. Me ganito pa din pala sa makati!

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