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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Old photos

I found old photos of mine with some friends onboard Mary Joy 2, a vessel owned by Aleson Shipping that plies from Zamboanga City to Sandakan, Malaysia.

Little did I know, that the husband used to work with this ship back when he was just starting out as an inter-island seafarer.  Nope, we didn't really met there. He already left sometime 1997 while my trip was sometime 2000.  It was also the first time that I went to Zamboanga. Never did it crossed my mind that it will become my 4th home.  The husband's siblings live there and his alma mater is there, so any oppurtunity to go on vacation to Mindanao, we always include Zamboanga in our sojourns.

Sometimes, I think that i don't say often how much i appreciate the husband's efforts to make us live comfortably.  Don't think much about our fights husband, I really do love you regardless. Early this morning, I appreciate you opening to me about some things. And don't worry much about those things, you are the most capable person i know. Somehow, your work ethic has rubbed on me and which makes me a better person i think.  Just saying..

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