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Thursday, December 16, 2010

A simple love letter

Let me share with you a love letter i receive from my 6 years old Alyssa:
I put this inside my wallet.  If you must know, my children speaks fluent Cebuano. Since relocating here, they have been learning to speak Tagalog although they still retain the accent that identifies most Bisaya.  But whatever language they may want to write to me, I feel the love.  And did i tell you, she writes to me almost everyday? I have a folder at home intended for letters and cards such as these.  Even Abby scribbles unintelligently, colors it and gives it to me.
Alyssa like most girls, watches disney's fairytales. And so she wants me to be a Queen loved by her King. In her young heart, she knows that happiness at its core really means knowing you are loved.  And I know that I am loved. And I am happy.

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