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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Megaclinic, Medical Services in a Mall

Yesterday, I had my pulmonary function test and ecg done at SM megamall's megaclinic.  I had my check-up friday evening after work because i have been having periods of dizziness which starts in the morning when i get up. There are times when it lasted all throughout the day although it's not at the point where I can no longer go through my daily function. And then, i also have periods of shortness of breath and discomforts in my chests.  Must admit, that all of these coincided with the fact that i might be loooking for a new employer soon and that the husband and I are looking into buying our own house and lot. House hunting is a joyful experience until you inquire for the price and it's way beyond your means.  It is stressful, I tell you.  And  was once diagnose with PSTD not so long ago in my past but it's another post.

Anyway, megaclinic's services has so far proved to be oustanding, starting from reception until you get what you came there for.  I haven't tried all their laboratory procedures and Heaven forbid that I would, I'd like to stay healthy for a very long time. The staff are nice and courteous enough.  The only thing which would probably make you wait is when you are an HMO cardholder because they will have to call up your HMO for approval.  Other than that everything is smoothsailing. Of course, it is a given that you have to wait for the doctors and lab procedures where there is just too many patients.  Even then, the concept of medical services in a mall where you can bring in the whole family, for them to enjoy the mall's entertainment while you have your medical tests done is outstanding especially today where family time is so eroded with traffic, work and other activities. Another outstanding concept is that you need not go there to get your lab results, you just go to, they already gave you an ID you just ask them what and type in your password. 

Anyway, I really would have wanted if someone was with me when i had my pft and ecg.  It's not a scary procedure, the pft i mean but it did scare me off a bit especially so since you can see the graphical representation of your lung function and whether or not it is functioning at the normal level.  They will give you a mouthpiece connected to a machine where you blow and inhale with force, 3 times to check. Afterwards, you will be instructed to use a nebulizer with ventolin, rest for 15 minutes and do the exhale and inhale test again. I waited a bit longer for the ecg because the technician was still doing a stress test on another patient.  The ecg is very quick, she just told me to unhook my bra, lie on my back, wipe the sites where the leads( not sure with the term) are to be with cotton with alcohol.  I think they put a total of 4 leads on my chest, 1 on each wrist and 1 on each feet.  It is a simple enough procedure but still it is disconcerting that it is a test to somehow determine if your heart is ok. Yeah, it would have been nice to have someone hold your hand after the tests. And yes,  waiting for the results is kinda stressful too.

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