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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Pembo, Makati

We checked out a house and lot at Pembo, Makati.  It's a big place but the house is in a bad state of disrepair, from what we saw there was no sign of a caretaker living there.  It is near a creek or a small river not sure which is which. Although from what i've read from mapcarta , Pembo has an average elevation of 19 meters above sea level.  Not sure if it's a comfort though since at the time of Typhoon Ondoy, the water was said to be at knee level. 

Going to the place, we passed by a market place  which really is just a walk away. The houses around the area are of the concrete shanty types although there are several big houses with high fences.  If we get that place, it will be much nearer to the husband's place of work, but way way far from mine. The nearest mall is Market Market.  Right now, i think the husband favors that place more than the others we have seen so far.  The house is a total write off, and i think we have to spend so much on fillings so that the house will be a level higher than the street and we also need to spend on pest control particularly anay. At this point we have not even talked to the owner yet just the niece and we haven't been contacted by a home loan specialist from the bank. Oh well, a step at the time.

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