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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Paskohan Village at Meralco Compound

Last Sunday, we were able to roam around town because we sprayed our place with insecticide.  Yup, cockroaches and mosquitoes now abound in our abode. So enough of that icky update, i would rather share with you some of the photos we have taken during our visit to Meralco's Paskohan Village.

Above is the giant christmas tree made of copper wire. Actually most of the displays are made of copper wire. Kudos to the sculptor!

On display also is a train complete with the tracks, i just don't know if it actually runs since it was just stationary when we where there.
The husband carried Maggie whose baby eyes seemed to grow bigger with every display of lights that came to sight.  Christmas really is such a wonderful time for kids!

My girls still full of energy even when it's already nearing midnight.
This photo is a panoramic shot feature of my newly bought digital underwater camera. More on my GECam on the next posts.

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