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Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Yesterday, i went to the ICARE building in Makati to have my warts removed. Earlier yesterday, i already called icare if warts removal or cauterization is covered by my icare health card. Thankfully, it is up to 1,000 pesos only so i have only the warts on my face and neck cauterized. I didn't have to wait long except for the 45 minutes lead time for the anesthesia to settle in. After that, the cauterization just took below 5 minutes.

I also have a cocolife card as a retiree of San Miguel Corp but it doesn't cover warts removal. I have a healthway card courtesy of my husband but it also doesn't cover lab procedures so all in all, i am thankful that my company has icare.

What am i blabbing about? Well, when i went to inquire about facial treatments i was offered a package set of facials and diamond peels but before those peels have to be done, i was told to have my warts removed first. It's a good thing that the manager told me that if i have a health card, i might yet avail of the warts removal for free and so it goes...

I'm just saying that if you have warts and you have a healthcard, you might as well have it removed since warts are supposed to be contagious. There...

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