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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Making banking so much easier for you..

3 days after giving birth to Ann Margaret, I needed to go back to MMC for newborn screening. And since, I am already out anyway, i might as well do some errands which includes paying bills and groceries.

I went to Edsa-Shangrila Mall branch of Banco de Oro and proceeded to pay in cash my credit cards with baby in my arms. Ordinarily, i would be satisfied with their service but because the line is quite long about 5 persons before me and i am carrying a baby, and i saw their poster saying "making banking so much easier for you", i was suddenly dissatisfied. It is true, that they have an online facility for paying bills and although i am already enrolled in the service, i still c'ant pay the bills because i have to personally go to any of their branch, fill up a form to enrol a biller. Unlike Unionbank's online facility which just allows you to choose from their available list of billers. Unfortunately, i have no more money left in my union bank so i can't do online bills payment.

Anyway, there was one man before me who offered me to go ahead of him seeing i am carrying a baby. There was also a korean who also very kindly offered me to do my transactions ahead of hers. But what i really wanted was for the BDO staff to recognize the difficulty of carrying a baby and should have made proper actuations to "make banking so much easier" for me, for nursing mothers like me, for pregnant women and for all others with temporary or permanent disabilities, senior citizens, like maybe by setting up a special lane for us?

Or is that too much to ask from a giant corporation for the multitude of depositors and clients who are not as influential as their favored clients who have large deposits?

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