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Friday, April 16, 2010

eau thermal avene skin recovery cream

When i was yet pregnant, i had circular red spots in my tummy which i initially thought was ringworm. They were very itchy and grows bigger in circumference. In one of my pre-natal consultations i was referred by my obgyn to a dermatologist who prescribed cutivate cream and this skin recovery cream from avene. Now that i have given birth, the itchy spots are back.

Apparently, this is a product made from France and reading through the leaflet has not enlightened me a single bit about what it suppo isedly will cure. It says that it is a calming cream, it quickly calms irritations, strenthens the defense mechanism of the skin and provides effective and long lasting protection. With consistent use, this very pure, very pleasant to apply cream enables the skin to recover its natural balance and comfort level. Looks like its a moisturizer to me.

And the direction says to apply it to the face and neck and the doctor said to apply it to the irritations in my tummy 30 minutes after the cutivate cream is applied. In fairness, the irritations did disappear over a period of two weeks but i think it was the cutivate that healed it not this cream. Will it heal my stretchmarks?Hmmnn. Since it is a very expensive cream, i have decided to used it on my face and neck as was instructed in the leaflet and see if it really makes any difference to my pimple scars.But that maybe asking too much, so i'd settle for less wrinkles.

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