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Sunday, February 22, 2009

What does your earth revolves around?

If  you came across earthlingorgeous’ site, you will see photos of her child and the caption “earth revolves around her”.
Isn’t it nice when you are somebody else’s  sun? You must think your pretty special and important to be the center of their universe.
Fact is, the sun is the center of our galaxy which may only be a small part of our universe but it’s the be all and end all of our existence.  I wonder what will happen if the sun will no longer shine? Never did think much about science or of cause and effect consciously. As I understood it, the sun’s gravity holds together the planets in the milky way galaxy to revolve around it. If the sun will cease to be a ball of energy, will it also lose it’s gravitational pull around these planets? Life will probably cease to exist also for some since the sun is needed in the most basic of all life’s processes like photosynthesis. I’m showing my ignorance.I’m too lazy to research…
The sun is responsible for a lot of things huh! And life too..maybe it’s not that great to be the sun. maybe it has no choice on the matter of being the center but The Almighty.  Maybe, if you’re somebody else’s sun, you have no say in the matter.  Still, you become one of the primary reasons for your earth’s existence.
To answer the question, let me first qualify:  God is first, in all things. Outside of God, my earth revolves around my family. I am after all, a wife and a mother…

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