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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

My signature scent

The race to choose my signature scent officially started yesterday when I bought a 4ml bottle of Clinique Happy Heart Perfume for 560 pesos. Since I still don’t know if I will like the scent on a day-to-day basis , I thought it prudent to buy the small bottle.

What really attracted me to this perfume is the name. It seems like a good slogan for my subconscious to remember. I think I have a pre-disposition to brood. So choosing this perfume will be like a mental /behavioral intervention for me to be less pensive. Maybe.

I was never a perfume person. My exposure to scents was limited to bath soaps , and lotions, which could easily be purchased at the local grocery stores. At one time or another, I may have purchased cologne(johnsons, avon) but I’m pretty sure after the novelty of opening a new purchase, I think I may have just stopped using it or gave it away. Over time, the scents that I wear came mostly from lotions and very mild at that. I only started to really appreciate scents when I got married. You see, my husband likes perfume very much. He sprays it all over his upper body, twice in front and twice at the back. His pillow, his clothes, the car, our room carry his scent whenever he is around. I quite like it. In fact, except when he smokes or when his feet stinks, my husband smells good all the time. Really. Which is probably the reason why I like embracing him, a fact that he pointed out to me long ago. Also, from his many trips abroad, his usual presents for me includes a variety of Victoria secrets, which may have eased my transition from a non-wearer to a liker of scents.

Anyway, I looked up Clinique Happy Heart Perfume ingredients and found that it’s rich floral fragrance is a combination of essences of water hyacinth, mandarin and blond woods. The signs are good that this is going to be one of my signature scents. Already I am looking forward to adding it to my morning rituals and inhaling the mild but significant smell.

But do visit my blog again, I may yet discover a different yet equally likable mild scent but for now, I am using Clinique Happy Heart perfume spray.

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