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Friday, February 20, 2009

Simple joys of life...

The sunday after valentine, i woke my kids early to take them to the beach which is about 20 minutes ride by jeep. My parents both over 60 also decided to came along.

Since we were not familiar with the jeepney routes, we actually took 2 rides stopped at the famous timoga spring pools to buy grilled chicken and kamote. First, we took the buruun line then at timoga, we took the linamon line. The day before i made a trip to the grocery so i bought a 1.5 liter royal tru-orange softdrink, so we already have something to quench our thirst. I also packed a bottle of mineral water.

Linamon beach resort is not your usual fancy beach resort but compared to other private beachfront property it is clean, has abundant fresh water, simple cottages for day outing, and a cooking/grilling area. In fact if you're up to hitting a few notes, you can actually satisfy the singer in you for 5 pesos per song at their videoke machine. The cottage rental costs a hundred while there is an entrance fee of 7 pesos per person. Actually, the 2 pesos goes to the government.

There was only one other family when we got there. The sea was unmoving, just like a calm after a storm has passed. There was no wave at all and the water so clear you can see the bottom, that's why the kids enjoyed it very much. The oldies enjoyed it too. I am glad.

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