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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Wax in, wax out

Since living here in the big city, i have become quite the adventurer. As in trying out new things like getting myself waxed. ha ha...pretty tame for an adventure eh?

Not really. For a probinsyana like me, waxing is like not even included in the priorities. I am not sure even if it is a topic that deserves attention. Yup. So like the first few months here malling, there was so much choices and products that only then did i know that exists. But of particular interest to is how smooth the legs of girls here in the city. ha ha. ang babaw!

Anyway, out of curiosity and envy (ha ha) i bought myself Veet Hair Removal Cream back in 2009 i think and i just opened it now, 8th day of 2011.  It's not expired yet,  by the way.  It just took me that long to find the time and the courage to try it eventhough i,ve already tried being waxed at a salon. So, i did the standard patch test to check for allergic reaction. To be conservative about it, i applied it for only 5 minutes, rinse it off with water and waited for 24 hours to see for any reaction. Thankfully, there was none. Fastforward to now, after applying a not so thick amount on my legs, five minutes after the hairs did come off so i'd rate it a 4/5. Pretty good for a product really but compared to shaving, its much of a hassle yet. So try it for yourself.

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