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Monday, January 24, 2011

Can't we have a true showbiz romance please?


This is just part of an upcoming promotion daw pala. Buti naman!


It seems another showbiz couple's relationship(Daniel Matsunaga and Heart Evangelista) is going down the drain with the discovery of supposed tobe elevator clip of Daniel Matsunaga flirting with another girl. Apparently, there was a go-see in a certain office to cast model and Daniel was there. They also probably noticed flirting in the air and somebody got curious and got a clip from a cctv.

I hope this is just clip from a movie or something. Sure hope, this is not true. It's disHEARTening to find out your boyfriend flirting with another girl when you were just saying that he is even intent on changing his citizenship just for you. Can't we have decent,faithful men actors please?

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