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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pain Relief...

How do you treat pain?

Simple. Get a pain reliever.

For migraine, my drug of choice has always been biogesic. Even before John Lloyd Cruz became its endorser. The reason, its because i believe it is the safest there is in the market.

For muscle pain, i dont take alaxan or its generic counterparts. I make do with body massage, efficascent oil, salonpas and omega. For those who dont like the scent, it must be torture but there is a limit to my pleasing others especially so since i have low tolerance for physical pain.

For emotional pain, i try not to think about it but i fail. And so i cry and i pray. Blogging helps and journaling. Shopping is sometimes therapeutic. I think wine sometimes eases the burden for a certain time period but i have managed to avoid it because i am pregnant. Talking it out with family and friends who care also helps. Others are experts on compartmentalization so that you have no idea at all that they are hurting. Sometimes, i am able to do that. Sometimes, theres just no relief and being numb is in itself already a blessing. There is no drug of choice for this kind of pain.

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