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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

City Must-haves

Ever since living here in the big metro, i have come to appreciate these necessities which otherwise you would never find in my bag had i still been in the province. These are the old-fashioned fan and umbrella. Some even bring towellettes for the sweats but my hanky is good enough for me.

Really, the sweating is not really that profuse in your face but underneath your clothes especially your back and if you are working in an airconditioned room, you just have to change to dry clothes or at least dry your sweats. Walking towards your work will make you sweaty and the fan and umbrella helps cool you down.

Lucky for those who own cars but for the masses, we all have to make do with cheaper but nonetheless effective alternatives. Which makes me wish for a car of my own. I have narrowed my choices between a Toyota Vios 1.3E and a 1.5G.

Initially i was thinking of an Avanza but the lower models have no ABS and i dont like that. If cost is not an issue, I would prefer the Honda CRV. Of course, it would have to be brand new so i wouldnt worry so much about repairs and maintenance and breakdowns. These remains to be in my wishlist among other things , but for now, i'll have to stick to my trusty fan and umbrella. Hey, one can hope when i wished for a lipstick, a happy hearts perfume and a philip stein watch i got those so i might have that car yet...:)

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