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Friday, March 26, 2010

Limited Pleasures

One of my vices, if you can call it that is a body massage. Pampering myself almost always include a trip to a Spa/Salon but now that i am pregnant, i have manage to stay away from massages. Almost. I still indulge myself to an occasional foot spa, hand spa and hand paraffin treatments.

I have tried the footspa services of Nail-aholics at the 5/L of SM Mega Mall. The interiors where certainly inviting but i have tried it only once so i couldn't say if all the employees where as pleasant as the one who attended me. But i didn't think it was value for money since i paid about P400+ for a footspa and a pedicure. But then it is located inside a mall so maybe the price is just about right. But a Spa/Salon(F) along Shaw near A Bonifacio st offers a much more value for money. Their footspa costs only P100 and an additional P50 for a pedicure. The interiors are in orange but i think its tastely done and because they are offering good service at least cost, they have more clients. Sometimes you have to wait.

Anyway, i think every one needs a little pampering every now and then...

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