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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sad for Yaya

Yaya one came to us when we desperately needed someone to be with the kids when we go to work.  My requirements then was that they be reliable and honest and would concentrate more on the children. Never mind the housework because as we are living in an apartment, there really wasn't much to clean about.  We have washing machines, and other appliance that makes housework easier anyway.

When we transferred to our new house,  suddenly we were made aware of the inadequacies of the yayas especially that the other yaya that we brought was influenced to buy a cellphone.  The workers who did the renovations were always telling me how fortunate these helpers because of how light their tasks were, how lenient I was to them, how free they were to do what they do because we are not around during the daytime to check on them and the fact that we are paying them 3.5K per month each.  Perhaps the bigness of our new house has made glaring the housework that needs to be done but were not because they kept on bringing their cellphone whereever they go, they always need to be told what to do, needs to be told what to do repeatedly, somehow the place is just so dirty that one wonders if it is normal for them to live like they don't see the things that needs to be cleaned.

What's more important is that my eldest daughter was brought to the hospital because of low potassium levels.  My children are probably suffering from malnutrition and I blame myself for not following up on the Yaya.  The vitamins are there but the yaya did not give them to the kids just because we transferred to the new house.  I suppose, they thought the vitamins were co-terminus with the apartment.  They allow the kids to skip meals because they don't know how to make them eat. And so now, I don't rely on the yaya anymore.  And they are fun of saying yes to everything that you asked them. So i got tired of the yayas but just continue to make allowances but the husband got tired of the yaya and asked me to get a replacement. So yaya one has to go. The other yaya seems to be making amends and is now trying to make up for her attitude in the past.  But I'm never one to give false hope, so i told her this evening that some other new yaya will arrive next week to take her place.  Just so she knows and can prepare in advance..

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