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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I am Bidamholic

Yes, I am a Bidamholic.  If  you even recognize the term and you came to this page searching for anything about Bidam then you have found a kindred spirit. 

Why did I became a fan of Kim Nam Gil? I was one of those who used to wonder what people saw in korean actors and actressess.  Now I know that it's primarily because they love the stories that koreans make and specially the characters within those stories.  Of particular interest of mine is Queen Seon Duk shown in GMA7's telenovela series.  Having watched a few episodes in tv, i got hold of the complete dvd set and watched QSD on marathon.  That's when i got hooked on the character Bidam as portrayed by Kim Nam Gil.  I suppose, that credit should be given to Kim Nam Gil for researching and creating a manga like character which viewers can really identify and love regardless of the darker side of his character. Maybe, i just love the fact that he just love to love QSD and his country doesn't matter to him if QSD is not there.  As Mishil said, a truly simple person others would like to trample on.  Other men have grander ideals like those of Yushin who dreams the same dream with QSD that of unifying the 3 kingdoms and as such love to him is secondary to love for country.  With partners like that, you learn to accept that you're second priority. I suppose deep inside, i want to be love as Bidam loved QSD. Hayyyy....

All in all, QSD is a well-prepared korean historical drama. The life of the first woman ruler of Shilla would probably have been as tumultous and as colorful as have been portrayed on film. Kudos to the director and the staff for giving us insight on the culture and traditions of ancient korea as well as introductions to their ancient heroes.  Indeed, I do love QSD and his valiant men Yushin, Alcheon, and Bidam.

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