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Saturday, June 26, 2010


There are some things i find addictive: the harry potter books, twilight books and now the Queen Seon Deok television series from Korea. As with all things addictive, one can't just get enough of the object of their addiction.  Its a good thing that this is not of the drug kind or i am busted.  I have been spending all of my free time watching QSD series on Youtube. It's just well written, well acted and it helped that the main characters are easy on the eyes.  It tells of the struggles of the first Female ruler of ancient shilla which aspires for the unification of the 3 kingdoms which will later become Korea. Whatever may be the reason that made the program addictive, the personalities are certainly unforgettable.  Yushin who impels Deokman on the road to be taken, Alcheon who protects Deokman, and Bidam who offers solace.  Hayyy...It didnt matter that the story has a tragic ending, i still want to watch it over and over again and relive the conversations.  A lot of wisdom there...
Sageuk or historical dramas are successful in conveying love and affection without the actors having to resort to kissing and physical expressions.  One can feel the longing with just the eyes or the touch of a hand.  Maybe we can learn from that rather than bombarding the primetime with kissing scenes.  But i digress once again..

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