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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

And Suddenly it Hits Me

I was driving the other day (Rizal Day), towards home when i was suddenly overcome by so much gratefullness that i was born to my parents.  So much so that i would have tweeted about it just to let my feelings out but opted to hold it in and pour those feelings in a blog.  My  parents were born poor, not poorest of the poor but still poor.  However, they were able to send all three of us to school, gave us everything that we needed and as parents, i can say that they are successful in this endeavor.

Had they been lazy or had they been problematic individuals, i would probably be living a different life.  I think of all those kids on the streets of Connecticut in Greenhills or those in other places in Manila selling sampaguita without slippers on and sometimes carrying a much younger sibling and i get depressed.  I have no way of helping them in such a way that it will change their life for the better and the government who is in a position to help has no comprehensive plan to get women and children off the streets. And so like most, i move on and forget about them until i am reminded again the next time i see them.  

So much of what I am now, i owe to my parents who diligently and tirelessly struggle to provide for me and my sisters, educated us and continually guiding us unobtrusively now that we are adults. I hope my children will feel the same way to me and to my husband when they are also adults.  I pray God will help us become better parents.  I also pray for more years to us and to our parents.

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