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Sunday, April 27, 2014

Let's do Sports

The kids participated in the sportsfest prior to the end of the school year. And while individually they didn't win any medal, i am happy that they were very active in participating often volunteering when others are too shy to do so. I am particularly amazed at how competitive Aj is when it comes to games.  Abby shows the same competitiveness but somehow loses interest when she does not win. I tell her that there will be times when she wins and at other time she will lose but it doesn't really matter.   What matters most is the experience that she got from it which will teach her more about living and coping with life.  I doubt that they understand what i was saying, at this time.  Anyway, i think sports is one of the best things to get the kids involved with, to learn and develop confidence.  On that note, here are some photos from the 3-day event which we attended without fail.

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