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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

So My Ultimate Comfort Food is...

 home-made champorado. This simple food brings to mind childhood memories of warmth, love, security, that comforts and transports me back home.  My parents are simple, hardworking people. Ever since I can remember, they always woke up early everyday around 3 in the morning to open our store at the public market. Even so, father goes back home when they already finished setting up our stocks and cook champorado.

Now that I already have 3 children of my own, i started the tradition of having champorado on weekends and holidays. My mother buys the cacao beans and my father turns it into tablea which they then send it to me here in manila. I still have to ask around where i can buy cacao beans here and produce my own tablea. Tried the commercial tablea and somehow, i haven't discovered a brand that's pure and similar to the ones my parents make. 

Today being Philippine Independence Day, we are starting the celebration with our home-made champorado and wishes everyone all the comforts of being free brings!

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