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Monday, July 12, 2010

Of Red Crabs and Scarlet People..

Last night, the family attended the 7pm mass at Greenbelt. It was quite long since we completed the mysteries of light. Originally, we intended to have dinner at MOA and for the kids to bike around. But since it was already late to be going to MOA at around past 8, hubby decided to just eat at the Red Crab. I had intended to blog about it I didn’t take notes of the food that we ate. Anyhow, I think it was crabs in curry sauce, baby back ribs in adobo sauce, and Szechuan shrimps. The attending waiters were very polite and attentive but there was this one person who seemed to be a head waiter because he was not in uniform but just the same he waited on the Indian customers which were in the table next to us. He even took the trouble of getting a live crab and showed it to the Indians and was very animated in entertaining them but when he came to us, he was sort of snobbish. It was not just me who felt that but also my younger sister. I guess, he probably thought that he didn’t have to be nice to us since we don’t look like we have the money to be eating at his restaurant. Not only that, when we were going out of the restaurant we passed him by talking to his fellow waiters and I overheard something like”lumabas na din yun mga malas”. I don’t know if he was referring to us but it sure felt like he was because all the other waiters were saying thanks to us but that he just kept his backs turned. I don’t know what his problem was but he sure is the reason why I will never going to eat the The Red Crab again. Such animosity from such a little guy and an old one at that. I’m not sorry to say that he does not possess a commanding presence or an exalted position to justify such an attitude. He was really offensive to me. Anyway, enough of the Red Crabs and on to the next.

You probably know that women who dabbled in prostitution are labeled scarlet women in the ancient past. Well, after we had dinner hubby took us to Havana or was It Club Havana for some coffee. With us was his police major friend. I noticed then that the place was full of foreigners and lots of PSP. Nope, not the gaming console but of the women variety (Pinay Sex Provider). Of course, there is no sign advertising their presence but one knows. No wonder, men who can afford it finds it easy to wander away from their partners because of the easy availability of these PSPs. I am not saying these as to look down on these young, sexy and pretty women but rather I am just stating a fact. I even asked hubby’s friend how much the going rate is for these women and he said that it’s between 3k to 5k. And for what, for an hour? Even if it’s for a day it would still amount to a sizable amount more than most if you work your ass on an “honorable” job. Hubby said that it can even go as high as 100k. I don’t have to take it as gospel truth but maybe there really are women who are paid that much for sex and other services. Who could blame them, its easy money. It’s probably not as easy as I’ve said because they’ll probably have encounters of the sick kind who are sadists, etc. Well…

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